Getting Back to Basics...

2018 has officially begun.

And truth be told, I'm ready. I still don't know exactly where I'm going yet, but I do have a vision. I never knew it then, but I have been cultivating this vision of mine for years now. It took time for me to understand that everything I was doing - from the classes that interested me, the people I gravitated toward, the volunteer work I engaged in, to all of my passions and everything that sparked intense emotion within me - aligned for a reason. They were all smaller pieces that created the bigger picture, the big picture of what my life could be. I just needed a little guidance to understand how the pieces fit together.

One important part of this process was learning to visualize my goals and the future I hoped to have.

Each year, I write down my “yearly” goals. I make a 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year list. Inevitably, our visions and interests change over time, so it’s important to keep this somewhere accessible in case you need to update any goals or aspirations.

Then, each month, I reflect on what I have done so far to reach these goals. If I’m making more progress in one area than another, I take a moment to prioritize. Maybe I’m making more progress towards my goal in creating my brand than I am in learning how to play a new instrument because I am more passionate about the brand. We can’t do everything, not all at once at least. So it’s critical to understand what YOU love doing at that moment in life. With that, I start to shift my monthly, weekly, and daily goals into action items that will bring me closer to creating my brand.

It sounds like a lot, but it really isn’t! Honestly, if we all took 10-20 minutes each day to plan and reflect on our progress, we would have a better sense of direction of where we want to go next. You are able to accomplish more because you have a clear plan and each thing you do has a purpose.

And I won't lie, I used to always start projects and never finish them. I was really idealistic in that sense. I thought that I had to do everything and be perfect at it. But I started setting myself up for disappointment in that way, and I never knew it. I projected so many unrealistic or unfeasible goals unto myself until my self-esteem stooped so low because I wasn't "as good as" the next person. It would get so bad that I would just quit that project or give up on the goal altogether. Writing down my plans for the future not only put things into perspective, but it also revealed my strengths, my weaknesses, and helped me understand that I didn't need to be perfect. It helped me re-focus all of my energy into being a better version of myself. I essentially had no time to worry about being good enough or about how I compared to anyone else. I am happy because I am constantly progressing, even when times are rough.

So what exactly would you like to accomplish this year? And how would you do so?

BHH Vision Board

One method is to create your very own vision board. A vision board is a physical, visual reference to your goals and future self/life. You can draw, use cut-out images, make it colorful, and add anything that you feel helps you stay motivated and reminded of your mission. Consider it a sacred space for your visions. You know when they say you need to speak things into existence? Well, this is essentially visualizing things into existence.

There’s a power in writing things down and visualizing them. If you see it, you subconsciously gravitate towards it. It's time to become accountable for our actions and our futures.





Join Bless Her Hustle this Monday, January 29th at URC 106 to create a vision board and be surrounded by like-minded women who are also chasing their dreams.

Alina Amkhavong