Her Vision


It started with failure. It was fall semester of my junior year of college, and I was about ready to give it all up. Yeah, I was at my dream school. But the money wasn't right, my mind was all over the place, and I couldn't handle the pressure anymore.

I was allowing my past to hold me back from reaching my future. Thoughts of my childhood and the poverty, community violence, and instability made me feel like I wasn't worthy enough to even be at my university. My fear of never having enough money trumped my academic performance. The disappointments of faded relationships took its toll on my self-esteem.

Well, God placed a few exceptional people in my life who spoke to me at the right times. The day before I was supposed to pack all my bags to move back home, somebody told me, "You came to Los Angeles for a reason. God blessed you with that opportunity to grow you, not hurt you." After that, something just clicked

My vision became clear: I didn't end up on this journey by accident. I do have a purpose. So for the past year, I chose to invest in myself and everything that I love. My "failures" became mere stepping stones to my true blessings. Thus, Bless Her Hustle was born. I hope that I am able to use my newfound perspective to uplift women like me. 

Just like a rose that grew from concrete.


Alina Amkhavong